Thin n’ Slim PM

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An astounding formula designed specifically for the hardest area of weight-loss, nighttime weight-management. Right before bed is no time to be taking a high-energy weight-loss factor. The combination of Glucomannan, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-1, Hops Valerian Root Extract, and other relaxing herbs and B-vitamins produces relaxing and calming effects on the nervous system, while obtaining effective weight-loss through consumption regulation.

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Thin n’ Slim PM

Anti-Munchie Formula for the Evening

Not getting the results of weight loss that you expected?  Is your diet plan during the day working, but slumping off at night?  Did you know that evening time is weight-loss and diet’s worst enemy?  Why is this, you may ask?

Directly after dinner, your body feels full for at least an hour or two.  It’s not long though, until you start feeling a need for something to munch on.  This is where diet plans fail.  Junk food is the item mostly eaten after an evening meal.  Your body is beginning to slow down from the day’s efforts and the junk food that is eaten turns to fat or cholesterol.  Most diet supplements are integrated with a natural stimulant that speeds up your metabolism and heart rate, cause you to feel “cranked up”.  These diet supplements work well during the day, but just before bedtime?  There needs to be a diet and weight-loss supplement that relaxes and calms the body from the day, while commanding efficient weight-loss…

Introducing…Thin n’ Slim PM

Thin n’ Slim PM is an all-natural, weight loss formula that is designed for evening dieting.  The amazing formula of Thin n’ Slim PM combines the powers of Vitamins B-6, B-1, B-2, and B-12, with natural herbs that calm and slightly relax the body’s nerves.  This formula does not sedate the user, making it easier to sleep, but the herbs and vitamins combined create a feeling of reduced stress and ease.  The herbs used in this formula have been said to be powerfully effective in relieving daytime stress and muscle tension.  Included in Thin n’ Slim PM, the multiple Vitamin B’s also relieve tension and reduce stress by supplying the body with much needed nutrients.

These herbs and Vitamin B’s are incredible ingredients, but what about the weight-loss factor?  This is where Glucomannan (Konjac Root) comes in.  Glucomannan is an all-natural water-soluble fiber, which was previously introduced into Thin n’ Slim PM’s sister product, Lean Greens.  This fiber expands up to 200 times its own molecular size, causing the stomach to experience a full feeling.  This full feeling is the key when regulating over-eating habits.  Clinical studies have shown that patients taking Glucomannan on a regular basis, show results of high weight-loss, after just a few weeks.  Glucomannan also has shown positive effects against hypoglycemia and diabetes.

Whether you are on an intense weight-loss program wanting to lose over 20 lbs, or just dieting to slim down an inch or two, Thin n’ Slim PM is the formula you need to produce your desired results.

Evening Weight-Loss Problem or Just Can’t Stop Munchin’ on Junk Food?

Thin n’ Slim PM is the Answer for You!!!

(Best if daily taken with Lean Green Caps!)

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